The Benefits of Training Together

Jul 27, 2017 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

The Concept of the Brotherhood Training Club, was to bring together like-minded guys to train like athletes.It was important to not focus at all on training for aesthetic purposes. The Brotherhood Training Club is solely for those who want to develop, train and embody traits of athletes. So programs have been created with this purpose in mind.

The development of a community was also imperative, as we all need a support network in place to keep us motivated to keep pushing forwards and to surpass any barriers to our collective success. This all happens in our Closed Facebook Group, where Brothers report in on their sessions and reach out to others for any help/guidance. Positive vibes is where it’s at.

The Magic of Training Together

The next part of the Brotherhood Training Club is to express our newly developed strength, movement and ability to push ourselves to the next level. So, we put on events where we get together and train like athletes.

This component is very important to the success of the Brotherhood Training Club.  In an interesting study, A team of athletes were asked to do different types of warm-ups before an extremely challenging fitness test. The researchers found that when an already bonded group did a synchronized warm-up it enhanced their performance in the physical exertion test, this in comparison to doing a non-synchronous group warm-up.

This may validate the view that coming together as a collective, yields greater performance benefits than if we’re left to our own devices. This may be due to the “chameleon effect”, where the mere perception of another’s behaviour automatically increases the likelihood of engaging in that behaviour. In our case, pushing ourselves to the Next Level as Athletes.

If you have a strong desire for success and are ambitious in your pursuits, we want you in our club.


Our Online Training Club is Invite Only. This ensures a close-knit and engaged community of dedicated and like-minded men. If we determine that you have the desire to take yourself to the Next Level, you will be entitled to a Free Month. Click below to get started and to receive notifications about invites, programs, contests and events.