I had a few drinks last night. How will it affect my performance?

Jul 27, 2017 | Intelligence | 0 comments

Alcohol. For many, it’s a part of life. Whether it’s socialising or relaxing, it may be a big part of your lifestyle. Athlete’s are no different in their exposure to alcohol. Whether it’s celebrating a recent achievement or innocently catching up with a friend, athletes are prone to a few drinks. However, as an athlete, it’s importnat for you to know how it could affect your training and performance. If you’re looking to optimise training adaptations, you should read this post.


If we’re aspiring athletes, we want to be able to exercise to high intensities. When we do exercise intensely, there is a shift from fat metabolism to carbohydrate metabolism. This means that we draw upon glycogen, stored in muscles and the liver. Glucose availability is therefore an important aspect of being able to perform at a high intensity. When we consume alcohol, there is a reduction in muscle glycogen uptake and storage. Not only that, the amount of glucose made available in the bloodstream is also reduced. We can see, therefore, that alcohol doesn’t transfer well to improving our performance.


As we well know in the Brotherhood, we’re very concerned with how we can convince the brain to allow us to access our full potential. Therefore, we need to ensure that the brain is firing on all cylinders. Alcohol depresses brain function and can impair abilities needed for athletic performance: balance, reaction time, and accuracy of motor skills.

As we can see in this short post, alcohol affects our ability to fuel intense exercise and our ability to execute the complex movements needed during exercise.


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