How everyone can develop an Athlete’s Mindset

Jul 27, 2017 | Performance | 0 comments

It doesn’t matter where you are now. We know you have what it takes to take yourself to the next level. The Brotherhood Training Club may seem exclusive. We believe everyone has what it takes to join our club. The only common thread between each member of our club, is having the DESIRE to take yourself to the next level. If you can adhere to our Code, you’re in.

Desire is the one thing we can’t teach you. However, once your desire is established, we develop your athletic mindset, which ultimately determines your athletic capabilities.

We’re going to talk about the mental attributes you will develop on your journey with us


Focus, we find, is misunderstood. We see being focused as the ability to remove ALL distractions. This means that we don’t psyche ourselves up to take us to a high level of stress. We don’t engage in self-talk. We become completely present. This enables us to enter into a state of flow.

It’s in performing our signature HIIT workouts where the development of focus becomes hugely significant.

For example, in ‘Bolt’, you will not be able to complete 100 Burpees unless you enter into a state of flow.

This comes from eliminating the voices that tell you to stop, that you’re fatigued (you’re not), that you can’t do it (you can).

Once you convince your mind, your body will follow by improving its performance capabilities. You will get stronger, fitter and more athletic.


In this day and age, feeling insecure about body image is prevalent for both men and women. We don’t train for aesthetics. We train to become better athletes.

We believe that confidence comes from embracing who you are. Once this is embraced, you are able to take the action needed to overcome anything that is currently holding you back.

Feelings of inadequacy and insecurity send the wrong signals to your subconscious, preventing you from taking the action needed to develop your athletic attributes. Forget about your physique and start moving.

In joining our club, you are surrounded by individuals who serve to motivate, encourage and inspire you. Everyone is on a level playing field. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, confident individuals increases the likelihood of you internalising attributes that are taking your fellow brothers to the next level.


Our programs are designed to take you to the next level. If you commit to the program, you will achieve remarkable results. You may be like experienced athlete Jermaine, who in 12 weeks, improved his 10RM Squat from 115kg to 120kg or like newcomer, Tommy, who improved his from 25kg to 60kg.

Amazing progress is available to us all. We just have to commit and have the perseverance to keep going.

Sometimes, drive and commitment are difficult to maintain. In our private group, we encourage you to share your success and struggles. As a collective, we celebrate the former and encourage you to overcome the latter.

No Limits

Once you develop the desire needed to take yourself to the next level, focus, drive and confidence begin to be developed. It’s from there that you begin to perform better than you ever have. You begin to realise that limits can be overcome, and that limits are something you placed convinced yourself existed. We convince you otherwise.


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