The attributes that will guarantee your success

To be successful in any pursuit, you have develop the qualities all successful people have in common. In the Brotherhood Training Club, all members continually improve their performance. These are the qualities they all develop and you can too. Focus Focus is the...

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New Workouts, Next Levels

In the Brotherhood Training Club, we are continually pushing ourselves to get to the Next Level. A key part of this is ensuring that we experience a variety of movements and protocols, to ensure favourable adaptations in athletic performance are maintained. We’ve...

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Getting Started: Living Like an Athlete

In the Brotherhood Training Club, diet and exercise are dirty words. Why? Because they suggest a restrictive, difficult process that we put ourselves through. For us, it’s all about eating and training. We like to eat the foods we enjoy. We love to train. For us, it’s...

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A Brother’s Guide to Rest and Recovery

As Athletes, we value our performance. It is our intention to train and to keep getting better and better. What separates athletes from the laymen, is prioritising rest. We don’t improve by consistently performing high intensity workouts, failing to rest and wondering...

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Dedication Personified – Jermaine’s Story

Here’s a Secret. In the Brotherhood Training Club, ‘Next Level’ was created as a benchmark that wasn’t meant to be achieved. Then Jermaine (and one other person who you will learn about) came along. Jermaine squatted 2x his Bodyweight for 10 Reps. He also uploaded a...

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Ask The Athlete: Sports Supplements for Performance

As an Athlete, supplements are something you should consider. However, we all know that there is a quagmire of terrible supplements out there. Then there’s a ridiculous amount of misinformation. So, we spoke to Joe Welstead. He’s not your average Joe (couldn’t...

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Feeling Sore After Your Workout? Here’s some tips

Yesterday, or even the day before, you worked out. It was a tough workout. So tough that as you read this, you are still aching. We’re talking the type of aches where your muscles let you know about every little movement you make. What is this? Why is this happening?...

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Reached a plateau in your training?

Sometimes in our training we hit a plateau. We feel that we can’t lift anymore, perform an exercise any faster, or run any quicker. We feel that our progress has reached a limit, short of the targets we set ourselves. However, you can break through this plateau....

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As an Athlete, Do I Need to Track my Macros?

In the Brotherhood Training Club, we are focussed on living an athletic lifestyle. For us, that means having the energy to engage and perform in fulfilling activities, to an intense and high level. In order to optimise our performance, we need to ensure we nourish...

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4 Workouts to keep you Mentally Sharp

These workouts will have you thinking clearer and sharper than ever. The aesthetics will look after themselves. Plus you get access to our exclusive Facebook group

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