Reached a plateau in your training?

Jul 27, 2017 | Intelligence | 0 comments

Sometimes in our training we hit a plateau. We feel that we can’t lift anymore, perform an exercise any faster, or run any quicker. We feel that our progress has reached a limit, short of the targets we set ourselves. However, you can break through this plateau. Humans have proven this time and time again over the course of history. We keep getting stronger. We keep getting faster. We keep going for longer. Brotherhood Training Club programs are designed with the sole purpose of getting to the Next Level. This usually means continual progress at a pace that surprises many of the participants. Here’s our “secret”.

What’s the theory?

Much of the rationale for this program comes from the Central Governer Theory of fatigue. It is model of fatigue that considers the neurological aspect of performance, whilst most others focus on purely the physiological. When creating a program to improve performance, we feel it’s important to take the brain and body into consideration.

Have I reached a limit?

Importantly, the relationship between performance and physiology is not always linear. We may have the capability and muscle mass, lung capacity etc to get to the perform to a higher level. However, we may not be utilising this capacity. This may be because the brain is being overprotective and holding us back from exerting ourselves to a point of injury.

A very sensible mechanism. However, if it is overprotective, we need to communicate to the brain that the level we’re pushing ourselves to and beyond is within our capabilities.

Becoming Limitless

Our programs are designed need to make you realise this capability. Our focus is to make your brain familiar with the elevated demands of strength and stamina required to get to the next level. The body then responds to make the changes necessary to improve performance, or access the resources it is currently holding back from accessing. We make you access 5th gear when you’re currently in 3rd gear.

When being coached to run a 400m, a good coach will always begin with finding out how fast you can run. They will take your 100m time and seek to improve that time. Once that is improved, your potential for running a quicker 400m is improved and you have the confidence to do so.

In our programs, we always begin with the ‘Find Your Level’ sessions. Metaphorically, we have you running 400m. We then take things back and improve your 100m. We elevate your confidence as you master this sprint.

We also program to have you performing under high levels of fatigue, to the point where fatigue sets in much later.

We do this by changing the protocols on a weekly basis to manage fatigue, refine technique and accustom you to taking your performance to the Next Level.

Our programs are unique in this regard. It’s all about boosting your confidence and mindset.

This is how we get you to break through plateaus to get to the Next Level.


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