Dedication Personified – Jermaine’s Story

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Here’s a Secret. In the Brotherhood Training Club, ‘Next Level’ was created as a benchmark that wasn’t meant to be achieved. Then Jermaine (and one other person who you will learn about) came along. Jermaine squatted 2x his Bodyweight for 10 Reps. He also uploaded a photo of the feat for good measure. This inspired us all as we could see what was possible. The question was, how on earth did Jermaine manage to achieve such an amazing feat, and what motivated him to keep going? We can all learn from Jermaine. He lives a fast-paced and hectic london lifestyle and finds the time to be an Athlete at the same time…

Where are you from and what do you do?

I come from Forest Gate in East London and I’m a Video Conference Analyst for a large International law firm in the city.

How long have you been training for?

So I joined my current firm about 8yrs ago and we have an onsite gym so I decided to take advantage of it to keep fit for all the various sports I do. I usually went after work but the nature of my job meant I had lots of late nights and as a result I couldn’t train as often as I wanted to. There was no structure or routine to my training at the time. Then in 2013, I had a shoulder injury that needed surgery. After the surgery,  I had many months of physio and once I got the all clear I decided to take my training more seriously so i joined EasyGym Oxford Street  (where I met Kemo Marriott, founder and Coach of BTC) and switched to training in the early mornings so  late nights in the office didn’t get in the way. I haven’t looked back since.

What exercise did you do before joining BTC

Before joining BTC I mainly did weight training and trained 5 days a week. I would concentrate on one or two body parts a day to train. On one day I would do just body weight exercises including TRX and plyometrics. I got most of my cardio workout from martial arts and America football training and I also do a couple of classes (including boxing) a week at my work gym.

What’s a typical Jermaine day look like?

Well a typical Jermaine day starts from the night before when  I get my gym wear ready and pack my suit for work. At 5am, the alarm goes off and I spring into action, trying my best not wake the missus haha. I used to have my morning coffee before leaving for the gym but following the BTC nutrition guide, I have now swapped this for 500ml of water instead.

I arrive at the gym at 6.30am and train till 8am. I get to the office for 9am where I have my breakfast and the much awaited cup of coffee and get stuck into the busy day job.

On Wednesday and Friday afternoons  I do a couple of gym classes at the work gym and on Thursdays I do Krav Maga.

I finish work at 6pm but on Monday evenings I have karate training and America football training on Wednesday evenings.

My days are pretty long and active so I always try and get an early night to get some much needed rest, ready to do it all over again. I absolutely love the early morning gym sessions and when I’m forced to miss a day, I feel like my day hasn’t got off to the right start. Some say it’s an addiction but it’s one I don’t want to go to rehab for haha.

You achieved Next Level with Squats! How?! Any tips for Newcomers and Athletes for that matter.

Ah man I love the Squats haha. It’s a very natural movement. When you look at babies picking things up from the floor, they automatically go into the squat position and can stay there for ages playing. Such a shame we tend to lose that as we get older.

I am a Running Back for the 4x American Football National Champions, London Warriors. This means I’m always competing against some of the best athletes and as a RB I need to have a strong lower body to drive through and break tackles.

I dedicate a day to training my legs and do a lot of work on my squats making sure I get the most out of it.

My number 1 tip is to focus on your FORM. This goes for both Newcomers and Athletes alike. Forget about ego or who’s watching! The movement standard is a constant theme at BTC so don’t sacrifice form for a heavy weight and in the end you’ll find that you’re able to lift more and prevent unnecessary injuries.

You’re already at a high level- why does BTC benefit you?

The beauty of BTC is that no matter what level you’re at, there’s always another level up to aim for and to challenge yourself to get there. It’s a group of like minded individuals working together and encouraging one another to just get better. We’re all in the same boat, destination Next Level. I very much enjoy having the support network of BTC and members don’t hesitate to offer tips or advice to help you get to the next level. There’s also a culture of accountability to yourself and fellow brothers. I feel like I’m letting the team down if I  miss a workout so that gives me the added drive and incentive to complete all the workouts.

BTC has also introduced me to new exercises and movements that I would otherwise never had done or even seen before. The signature workouts are the highlight of my week and I always push myself to get a quicker time than the previous one so there is always room for improvement and it’s always encouraging to see other brothers smashing their PBs.

Have you found anything difficult on the program?

I would say the thing I found difficult on the program was some of the movement standards at the beginning. It was only down to the fact that I had never done them before but with the handy videos that accompany the workouts, I was able to learn the right techniques and perform the exercises as they should be done. The coach and brothers are always on hand to help.

What would you say to others considering training with BTC?

To anyone considering training with BTC I’d say jump in with both feet because this shit works. Dedicate yourself to it and stick with the movement standards and you’ll definitely reap the rewards. I’ve had people ask me in the gym “what’s this exercise you’re doing? ” Shows that we’re doing something different at BTC.


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