Getting Started: Living Like an Athlete

Jul 27, 2017 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

In the Brotherhood Training Club, diet and exercise are dirty words. Why? Because they suggest a restrictive, difficult process that we put ourselves through.

For us, it’s all about eating and training. We like to eat the foods we enjoy. We love to train.

For us, it’s about enjoying the journey and the process. The end goal is a bonus. We learn new skills, we get fitter, we get stronger and we become athletes.

We’re on a mission to encourage you to enjoy living an athletic lifestyle. However, we know that this can be tough. So, here’s a quick list to get you started on your journey to the Next Level of Athletic ability.

1) We do something they like

We encourage you to find something you enjoy doing. Don’t just train with us. Perform an activity that you can engage with: Dance class, Capoeira, Boxing, Tai Chi, Yoga, Running, Skateboarding, Surfing, the list is endless. Just pick an activity and start doing it. You’ll find that you won’t see exercise as a means to an end, but an end in itself. You won’t notice that your breaking a sweat. You won’t notice that you’re out of breath. You won’t anticipate tomorrow’s soreness. After a few weeks, you’ll realize that you are in great shape, without ever feeling like you’ve worked out. Then, you’ll look to enhance your abilities as an athlete. That’s where the Brotherhood Training Club comes in.

2) We have goals

Having a goal to work towards, is another way in which you can stick to your exercise program. In the Brotherhood Training Club’s flagship program, the goals are clear: to achieve ‘Brother’ level for each of the exercises. These are a nice mix of traditional strength and bodyweight moves that will prove your athleticism. The program begins with a ‘Find Your Level’ week. Once you find your levels, your goals are essentially set!

3) We form groups and strong bonds with others

In a recent study, researchers found that when an already bonded group of elite rugby players performed a synchronized warm-up it enhanced their performance in a physical exertion test. However, the same did not occur in a non-synchronous group warm-up.

This is a testament to the fact that we’re social beings. We take advantage of this in the Brotherhood Training Club. We interact daily in our secret facebook group. We all work to the same program. We know what everyone is going through and know how we can help each other ascend to the next level. This support network is what helps us stick to the program, ensuring we get stronger, fitter and faster, with no excuses!

4) We invest in cool workout gear

Apologies if this is superficial, however, “Enclothed cognition” is the term used to describe the influence our clothing has on our psychological processes. What you wear has a profound influence on your motivation to train. When you are in your favourite performance gear, you’re a step closer to being in the Zone.
We don’t settle for second best, which is why we recommend the world’s premium sportswear brand, Castore.

5) We enjoy that feeling at the end.

If you’ve ever had a tough workout, you’ll get that feeling at the end where you feel great. That’s the release of endorphins, a chemical released by the brain that keeps exercisers from realizing they are enduring bodily stress. Not only do these endorphins offer an extra rush of power to somebody working out, but they have also been proven to lead to an improvement in mood and a feeling of motivation.

This is how everyone feels when they complete one of our signature HIIT workouts on Train One. These are the workouts that are treated like a performance. On the day, we nourish ourselves, we get focused and we get into the zone. Then once the workout begins, its unrelenting work until the last rep. We seek those feelings of fatigue and seek to calm ourselves as we work through it. Athletes make it look easy. Even when the opposite is true. It’s all worth it for the sense of accomplishment at the end. No matter what result we get, we receive praise and encouragement from our Brothers as we’re collectively a step closer to the Next Level.

So, there you have it. An insight into the minds of fit and healthy people who enjoy exercising. It’s essentially a formula for you to replicate! Get up and get moving now.


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