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Jul 27, 2017 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

In the Brotherhood Training Club, we are continually pushing ourselves to get to the Next Level. A key part of this is ensuring that we experience a variety of movements and protocols, to ensure favourable adaptations in athletic performance are maintained.

We’ve created a host of new workouts for those in the Club, with more on the way. The Signature HIIT sessions continue to take their names from Olympic 100m Gold Winners from the ages. We’ve now created new sessions with a variety of different protocols. These protocols build strength, stamina and athletic ability. These sessions take their names from Medal Winners of the 2016-2017 Premier League Champions, Leicester City.

Here’s a quick insight into 2 of these workouts:


Traditional weightlifting exercises are included in our programs. The movements are simple and effective at maintaining and building muscle mass. It’s also easy to gauge progress, as the objective is often to lift more. Deadlifts are the main traditional weightlifting exercise performed in Gray. It’s a great exercise that requires you to learn about what position your body needs to be in to pick up a very heavy object from the floor. It also works on skills such as keeping the whole body in tension to prevent any unwanted motions that could detract from a smooth, well-executed deadlift. The result? A highly stimulating exercise that has the potential to be a very impressive movement.

Pull Ups. We’ve created a number of protocols for this exercise. In Gray, we challenge you to see how many you can to in 5 minutes. We’re obviously strict about the movement standards. Start in a Dead Hang. Finish when your chest TOUCHES the bar. Teaching you to perform this type of pull up is a key skill requirement in the Brotherhood Training Club.

We have a number of ‘Athlete’ protocols. In the Gray version of ‘Athlete 2’, we have you perform a Dumbell Snatch and then Skaters. Skaters are a tough move for many, as they require explosive movement in a side to side motion, as well as the ability to land and balance on one leg. That is why there are only 10 reps. We want you to focus on nailing the movement and not fatiguing. This allows you to develop the skills needed to make this movement look smooth and graceful.


Tolan is the toughest of our new Signature HIITs, joining a growing list.

It comprises 3 Tough exercise that are completed in an exhausting, fast-paced protocol that will leave you in a state of confusion for a good 10 minutes post completion. We’re not kidding.

But that’s what pushing yourself to the limit is about. This is what our HIIT sessions are developed for. We recognise that our brains are overprotective and ‘fatigue’ sets in sooner than necessary.

The HIITs are where as a collective, we really push each other to keep bettering ourselves and to overcome the barriers holding us back from improved physical and athletic performance. It’s astounding by how much people improve their times in these sessions.


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